Many Preppers Fail to Do this One Thing

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

A lot of people are paying attention to prepping.  We’re even seeing articles in the mainstream media that more and more “regular” people are getting involved.  I’m glad about that.

But after a recent visit forums and review boards, I know there is one step that’s not being done.  People get all excited about getting gear for emergencies, maybe even do a ton of research before purchasing.  Then they stash it away.  They don’t even open the box!  I’ve seen this comment a lot:  “I got the item, but I haven’t taken it out of the box.  I’m saving it for emergencies.”

Kudos to that person for getting started.  But to be really prepared, you must try out and test these emergency items.

Why you should test your gear

  • If you find the item is broken or just does not work, you still have a chance to return or exchange it.
  • Instructions are not always easy to follow.  I’ve been testing emergency gear for a couple of years now, and it’s not always self-explanatory.
  • You may find you need a tool to assemble something, or extra batteries etc., that may be unavailable in a true emergency.
  • Sometimes you find out the equipment does work but it is not suitable for what you need.

Knowing how to use an item will save you time and energy in a true emergency.  Don’t wait until an emergency to find out something doesn’t work.  Go through your emergency kit and test your gear now.

I’ve made a lot of other mistakes in my preparedness efforts.   What do you think?  Do you still have stuff you haven’t had time to test?  Please share in the comments.


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  1. This is especially important with power equipment. Start that generator once a month and put a load on it. Use the power inverters to do some work once in awhile. Not only does it insure that it works, but gets you familiar with setting up and using the items. The last thing you want during an emergency is to have to sit down and try to read a set of instructions in the dark and try to set up something. Remember you are going to need these items at the worse possible time and being able to do it by habit will go much smoother. Also, make sure other family members can do these things. You may not be around when all hell breaks loose.

    1. Hi JAS, You brought up a great point – the generator! They take a while to get used to and get up and running. Plus you have to make sure to you have gas you have for it or it won’t be any good when you need it.

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