Out of Shape!

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I few months back, I had gotten myself into shape enough to go backpacking (See Fitness Reality Check, Testing Out Our Gear).   As far as I can tell, I succeeded in the goal, and was able to haul a backpack weighing over 35 pounds up a mountain.

Wanting to stay in shape, I kept up the exercise routine for a few weeks after the backpacking trip. Then the long miserable summer hit and slowly the motivation to walk outside went by the wayside.  The walks started getting shorter and shorter.  As the water in the bayous started drying up, so did my fitness level.   Work then got in the way with more late nights spent.  I could exercise instead of blog, but I like writing too much-another excuse!

So I am fessin’ up.  I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon.  I was in denial at first:  The other day I did one of the P90x workout videos (bought it used of course) just to prove I was not out of shape.  Well, I was not even able to do all the exercises, and felt I got run over by a truck afterwards.  Living in the big city, I have to remember there is always a chance we’d have to walk out.   The weather is a bit cooler so I have no excuses not to exercise.   I am going to start slow:  a 30 minute workout everyday.

Being fit is part of any preparedness plan.   Now I must take my own advise and start getting back into shape.



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  1. This may seem like animalistic advise to give to a lady that is not a gym rat, but hear goes : in addition to an aerobic activity ,by working on only these 3 exercises (Squats, Bench and Deadlift) you would be in good shape.

  2. Having formerly lived in a downtown city condo, I know how easy it is to find excuses to get out there and exercise. Having a puppy helped me a lot since, well, when he had to go, I had to get him out there to do it LOL. Of course now I live on an island filled with miles of trails – along the sea, into the woods, and up in mountains. I am blessed.

    However you choose to exercise, be sure to couple it with healthy eating. And if you need some one the cheer you on, holler!


    1. Hi Gaye, You are blessed indeed! Wish I had those trails nearby. You’re right, healthy eating must be part of this–that is an even bigger downfall for me as I love to eat. I’ll need all the motivation I can get. Thanks!

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