May 16, 2020

Physical Fitness for the Entire Prepper Family

Written by Dan Vale How physically fit are your family members? What have you done to convince them to get into good physical shape before the next disaster? And most important of all, why get them all into good physical shape? For the answer, read on. Being in good physical shape will decrease the chances of suffering injuries such as strained muscles, sprained ligaments, and back injuries. Being physically fit will decrease the chances of suffering strokes or heart attacks. […]

5 Reasons Why Fitness is a Necessary Part of Prepping

This post is by Bernie Carr, When people get into discussions about being prepared for disaster, the topic of fitness rarely enters the picture.  But if you think about it, if there were a major disaster or a collapse of some kind, it would be very hard to get things done if one were not in shape. Let’s take a look at how being in shape can help with survival. You might have to walk a lot After Hurricane […]

Why Get in Shape if You are Not Planning to Bug Out?

This post is by Bernie Carr, One of the most heated discussions in the prepping community is whether to shelter in place or bug out.  A large number of preppers’ first choice would be to shelter in place, and why not?  All your supplies are on hand and you are comfortable where you are.  So let’s just say hypothetically, you decided to stay in your home.   You won’t be using your bug out bag because you won’t be leaving.  […]

A Fitness Plan that Uses Food Storage

We all know that a grid down, disaster situation, which we hope never happens, would be physically exhausting.  Just think, how long would it take you to walk home from work.  If you work downtown and commute from the suburbs, it may take a whole day or two.  In a long term collapse, you may have to evacuate and leave the city on foot, carrying whatever supplies you can take with you.  Even worse, if some ruffians were trying to […]

Out of Shape!

I few months back, I had gotten myself into shape enough to go backpacking (See Fitness Reality Check, Testing Out Our Gear).   As far as I can tell, I succeeded in the goal, and was able to haul a backpack weighing over 35 pounds up a mountain. Wanting to stay in shape, I kept up the exercise routine for a few weeks after the backpacking trip. Then the long miserable summer hit and slowly the motivation to walk outside went […]

Fitness Reality Check

Last night my husband was showing me how to handle a rifle.  I have had some experience target shooting with a pistol, but this time he wanted to make sure I know how to hold the rifle and use the scope properly.   The rifle was about three lbs., plus a couple of lbs for the scope.  We practiced positioning it correctly, aiming and carrying it around properly.  This morning I woke up and my arms and shoulders were sore.  We […]

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