Physical Fitness for the Entire Prepper Family

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Written by Dan Vale

How physically fit are your family members? What have you done to convince them to get into good physical shape before the next disaster? And most important of all, why get them all into good physical shape? For the answer, read on.

Being in good physical shape will decrease the chances of suffering injuries such as strained muscles, sprained ligaments, and back injuries. Being physically fit will decrease the chances of suffering strokes or heart attacks. Such injuries and medical emergencies are harmful enough during normal times.

Fitness is important in a disaster

During disasters, those with injuries or medical emergencies might not be able to get medical attention quickly or at all. Also, these injuries and medical emergencies could make it difficult or impossible to stay safe during a disaster.

For example, power blackouts can test family members who are not in good physical shape. If gas stations have no electricity to pump gas, people, without the use of their cars or buses, will have to walk or bicycle to where they were able to drive or ride before the power blackout occurred. Also, those families that live in high rise apartments will have to use the stairs to walk up to their apartments instead of taking the elevator.

Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, also can help to control mental problems such as stress and depression. Both stress and depression are especially likely to occur during and shortly after extended power blackouts when there will be no air conditioning in the summer or heating during the winter.

Trying to get family members into good physical shape by acting like a drill sergeant probably will not be the best approach to take. Instead, try to get your family interested in well-chosen physical activities. This will not only get them into good physical shape, but also can help you to bond with your family members. Being a good role model by being in good physical shape obviously is important.

Make exercise fun

For example, you might enjoy a one on one basketball game with your son or father. A mother and daughter might enjoy doing yoga stretches together. Lively dancing might be enjoyable for a couple.

You might need to use trial and error to find each family member’s favorite physical activities. Then make sure that each family member has any equipment, money, or memberships they need for those physical activities.

Try these activities

Examples of physical activities that can improve the fitness of family members might include:

1. Bicycling or jogging

2. Taking the stairs, if safe, instead of the elevator

3. Stretching exercises such as yoga

4. Walking

5. Weightlifting

If children see parents lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, and stretching, they might become inspired to get off the couch, lay down their video games, and join their parents.

Some family members, however, might prefer to do some of the above or other activities alone. Introverts need to spend more time alone than do extroverts.

Most of the above activities can be done in or close to your apartment or home. Going to a distant commercial gym during a power blackout might not be possible because it probably will be closed.

Encourage family members, even if they insist upon going to go to a commercial gym or doing other physical fitness activities that they will not be able to do so during a disaster. Hopefully, they will become addicted to exercise and will settle for available exercise options during a disaster.

Certain medications require that exercise routines be altered. Thus, consulting with a doctor might be a good idea in general, and an especially good idea for those who are taking medications.

Exercise is not the only way to keep in shape. Diet also is important. Try to find out what types of healthy foods your family members like and make sure that such foods are immediately available.

For example, having your family members’ favorite fruits readily available might cut down on their consumption of junk foods between meals. Thus, when fruits are easily available, your family members might eat less candy.

Convincing family members to get into good physical shape always is a winning strategy. If a disaster occurs, the physically fit prepper family is better prepared to face it. If you are fortunate enough to never experience a disaster, being in good physical shape will help you live a healthier life and have fewer medical bills.

About the Author:

Dan Vale has a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education. He won the Mr. Delaware Bodybuilding Contest in 1968 and earned his karate Black Belt in 1973. He has had a lifelong interest in physical fitness. Furthermore, for over seven years, he wrote 785 of articles for the Examiner Online Newspaper. Most of these articles were written in his capacity as the Baltimore Prepper Examiner. To see his Amazon books, visit his Amazon author page.


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  1. Do not forget dental health. A toothache, impacted tooth or infected tooth can be very disabling. Doing the dental checkups and cleanings can save you a lot of pain, time and money.

  2. Good point. Dental pain can degrade your focus on disaster related problems that you need to solve. Dental pain also can limit your sleep and thus further reduce your effectiveness when you need to be clear minded and focused.

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