Preparedness Activities You Can Do during the Holidays

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

With many people taking a break to enjoy the holidays, prepping takes a back seat to all the hustle and bustle of the season.  This is understandable.  But there are also opportunities to get a few things done.

Discover old recipes and back them up

I was looking through my recipe binder while choosing menu items and came across some very old recipes hand-written by friends and family members whom I haven’t seen in years.    Though you may have lost contact with them, these recipes are great reminders of the time you spent together.

I still regret not asking my Grandma R her recipe for pineapple preserves.  Now that I am interested in self-sufficiency skills, I wish I had taken the time to ask her about it before she departed this earth. 

When you get together with loved ones this Christmas, why not find out how a treasured family dish is made, and write it down.  You’ll be glad to have another addition to your repertoire, and your great aunt or uncle will be pleased someone likes his or her recipe enough to inquire about it.  You can even make a keepsake recipe book so younger family members will continue your family’s culinary traditions.

Now is also a great time to make a backup of your old family recipes to prevent their loss in an emergency.  Scan and save the handwritten ones, or type them up and store in a portable drive.

Learn some skills 

While you’re mingling with everyone, make a date to learn a few skills over the next year.  Every family or office has a resident knitter, baker or quilter, who can’t wait to share knowledge with someone.  If you have any interest in these hobbies, now would be a good time to learn.

Increase your food storage with seasonal sales

Grocery stores are offering deep discounts and loss leaders.  Some of these items can be great additions to your food storage plan, especially easy to cook “just add water” meals as well as canned foods.  A few items that come to mind:  canned corn, canned green beans, Stove Top Stuffing, boxed mashed potatoes, raisins, staples such as flour, sugar, seasonings.

Include food storage items in your party menu

Don’t forget to use some of your food storage ingredients for your holiday feast – rotate your canned foods and use your bulk foods.  Don’t forget to replace them.  You can surprise your friends when you casually mention you used freeze dried food in the dip or casserole, which would make a good conversation starter.

Find like-minded friends and neighbors

While having a relaxed conversation, casually mention a recent emergency such as hurricane or wildfire that affected your area.  This is an easy segway to the topic of preparing for natural disasters and emergencies.   If your conversation goes nowhere, then move on to another topic.  You’ll get an idea who is interested in being prepared.

Prepping does not need to be all-consuming, all-out effort all the time.  Doing little things when you have the opportunity count just as much.


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