Top Features to Look for While Purchasing a Suitable Survival Knife

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Written by Billy, Perkins Knives

A survival knife is the one tool which is equivalent to numerous tools that would help you in surviving in the wild. It can take care of many tasks for you to ease your stay in the outdoors. When it comes to survival, choosing the right knife is imperative. Such a knife comes with a whole lot of features and all you need is to be assertive of what you require. Before making a purchase, why not gain more knowledge about it? To bring your mind at ease, here are five features which must certainly be in your survival knife for efficient survival and use.

Fixing of the blade

Some knives come with fixed blades while some can be moved. If we talk about durability, reliability, and safety from injuries, fixed blade knives are the best choice. Folder knives are easy to store and carry for daily use but when it comes to strength and surety, then fixed blades can be a better pick for survival. If the joint in the folder loses, it will work inefficiently.


The bigger the better does not always apply everywhere. In case of survival knives, an ideal sized knife works best for all situations. A big knife will not be easy to carry and it won’t be able to address the detailed work required. However, a very small knife will not have the right precision and works like chopping are not meant for it. Choose a middle size to make the most of your survival knife.

Sharp tip

When it comes to detailing and precision for skinning, you will need a knife with a sharp tip and since you are in the wild with only your survival knife, opt for a sharp tip. Sharp tip knives work excellently in self-defense against any animal. The spear point can be used well for hunting and scaling. It has many other uses as well which makes it an ideal feature for your survival knife.

Strong pommel

The whole knife needs to be handy and useful, so why leave out its butt? The pommel is the bottom of the knife which is generally used for pounding the meat or hammering. The stronger the pommel, the better it is for your survival. A round or hooked pommel does not ideally work well for hammering so be discreet in this context.

Full coverage tang

Whether it is a folder knife or a fixed one, the tang of the knife needs to be strong and provide full coverage as well. A full tang means that your handle and blade are constructed with one metal which ensures your safety at all costs. The tang is the bridge between the handle and blade which makes it imperative for it to be strong. For obvious reasons, a complete piece of metal is a better option always. In case the scales come off, you can use cordage to form a new grip for support and comfortable use.

Survival knives are one of the key tools which are always available to hunters and outdoor camping and trekking lovers. Many companies in the UK make survival knives for easy purchase and they are available in different materials and patterns. Instead of going with the trend, opt for the one which suits your needs perfectly thus giving you an added advantage in your travel. Many people love to go outdoors and explore the wild, and if you have such friends too then do share this article for helping them stay equipped and safe for all situations.


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Having been on the Perkin Knives team for several years as a marketing executive, Billy has been part of a great many top-of-the-line projects. Not only has he personally contributed to the service in every way, but he also happens to be one of the most revered members of Perkin Knives.

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  1. Full tang all the way, I have had cheap knives, and they have broken when out in the bush, I now use the KA-Bar Dogs head, and Bear Grylls Survivor fixed blade knife.

    1. Hey Adam, I agree, cheap ones can really let you down when you need them the most. I have that Bear Grylls one as well, works great. Thanks for the comment!

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