Prepper’s Financial Guide: Review and Giveaway

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Today we are featuring Prepper’s Financial Guide by Jim Cobb.  We have featured Jim Cobb in a previous interviews and book reviews.  He has written several books on preparedness and I am glad to review his latest book.

Prepper’s Financial Guide has great information for anyone with any concerns about an economic collapse, whether it’s in the aftermath of a natural disaster or a series of financial missteps.  The book covers practical, actionable strategies that an average person can implement in various financial areas:  reducing debt, investing in precious metals and foreign currencies, securing your possessions, becoming more self-sufficient and more.

Just as being prepared for disasters with water, food, shelter and supplies just makes good sense, taking the steps outlined in the book toward financial preparedness will help you hedge against financial threats whether they occur as widespread collapse or a personal one.  Even if nothing happens, the suggestions in the book would still help you reap benefits.

Prepper’s Financial Guide is a good addition to your preparedness library – get your copy and begin securing your finances.

Now for the giveaway:
I am happy to add that Ulysses Press is providing a copy to our readers as a giveaway.  One lucky winner will be chosen via a random drawing.  To enter, please answer the following questions in the comments:
Are you concerned about an economic collapse?  What aspect of your finances are you most insecure about at this time? 
The winner* will be chosen at a random “Pick a Giveaway Winner” drawing on Saturday, April 18 at 8 pm Central.

*Winners will be notified via email. 

*Winner must reply to email notification within 48 hours or another winner will be drawn.

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  1. Are you concerned about an economic collapse? very much so. I think the debtors are going to call in on America and the dollar will be worthless.

    What aspect of your finances are you most insecure about at this time? reserve on hand of valuable metals.

  2. Are you concerned about an economic collapse?
    I wasn’t concerned too much with the dollar collapsing until Austrailia turned away from the petro dollar. If we can’t even get fellow “english” nations to be on our side, we’re sunk & it’s just a matter of time!

    What aspect of your finances are you most insecure about at this time?
    my worry is that because I work in the entertainment industry, I’m constantly using my “financial preps” to survive hiatus & unexpected show cancellations every few months or years so it’s hard to really technically prep. I both need fluidity to pay rent in lean times because of my job, as well as have it invested to grow. the two situations don’t tend to work well together….

  3. Are you concerned about an economic collapse? Yes
    What aspect of your finances are you most insecure about at this time? diversification strategies beyond paper assets e.g. stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

  4. Are you concerned about an economic collapse? Yes, and increasingly so over time. I lost a ton of money in the dot-com crash and barely escaped the housing market fiasco. My income has also taken a big hit lately, which means my cushion is a lot slimmer than it used to be.

    What aspect of your finances are you most insecure about at this time? I’m seriously worried about losing what’s left of my 401k, especially now that I’ve gone from full-time tech work to part-time near-minimum wage (it’s a health and sanity thing). That transition has also made it difficult to renew my commitment to solid prepping and to invest in materials and items for barter.

  5. What are my concerns about an economic collapse? While a resident of Texas I lived through Hurricane Ike, and suffered major damage to my home. Fortunately we had financial reserves to begin rebuilding, even before the insurance company did its survey. I am most concerned about the vulnerability of the supply chain. We had 8 days notice of the hurricane, and we’re well prepared anyway. But in the last hours I decided I wanted more dog food, the Walmart was bare. When the power went out, my well pump did as well. Got the generator going to preserve meds and a small room for cooling, hooked a hand pump to the well. We were okay, but were clogged by “friendly neighbors” with zero clue about self care. I’m only as secure as those around me. We went through our charity supplies in hours. Always thought I’d have trade items, the neighbors had NOTHING to trade. Always looks for new information. I learn through good choices and mistakes. Thank you, eager to hear perspectives. Now relocated to the mountains for Northern California.

  6. The book I won arrived yesterday. I have been absorbed in it. A really solid financial planning book with guidance for preppers. Well written, and I’m finding a lot of information new to me. I will be passing it on to my son after I finish. Definitely a must for preppers. Financial preparedness makes you ready for any future. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for coming back and letting us know what you think about the book Jennifer! I really appreciate it.

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