Revisiting the Balcony Garden

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I posted a while back my balcony garden did not fare so well in the intense heat we had the last several months.

Now that the fall weather is finally upon is, I have another chance.  Experienced gardeners tell me Texas actually has two growing seasons, one in the spring, and one in the fall.  We’re down to 80 degrees in the daytime, and mid-50s at night.

So I decided to give the garden another shot.  This time I am only growing herbs but I figure, better than not growing anything at all.  I started with the mint, and moving on to parsley, basil and cilantro.  We’ll see which ones turn out well.  Here’s the result of my earlier efforts:

Herbs in the balcony gardenI know it’s not much, but I am excited to be growing something nonetheless!



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  1. They tell me it’s impossible to kill mint. I’m testing that theory as we speak 🙂
    There’s nothing better than fresh basil–except maybe fresh basil with homegrown tomatoes! Glad your temps are holding out. We had our first freeze last night. I have plants currently covered with green tomatoes, poblanos and jalapenos. I covered them (and my herbs). I won’t know til I get home this afternoon if they survived.

    1. Kris, mint is pretty hard to kill once you get it started properly. It will actually spread in your garden. I hope your plants survived!

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