Self-defense with Improvised Weapons

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

A couple of recent unrelated events in the news highlight the importance of self-defense with improvised weapons. Let’s take a look and discuss them.

82 year-old female overpowers an intruder

The first story involved an 82- year old woman who fought off a home invader. According to Fox News, Willie Murphy, fought off a young man who broke into her home late one night.  The guy started out by banging on her door, demanding to be let in. She immediately called the police. Refusing to take no for an answer, the man broke into her home.

Willie happens to be a body-builder who can dead lift twice her weigh is  remarkable enough. But she also used her wits to overpower her opponent: she picked up the nearest item within reach – a table and started beating him with it. As he was down, she also threw shampoo on his face.  She also managed to grab a broom and continued to hit him with it until first responders arrived.

This lady used every item she could reach as a weapon. It certainly helped that she was strong and fit, but using improvised weapons really helped her in the situation.

Civilians use a Narwal tusk and fire extinguisher used to bring down a terrorist

The next news item, I am sure you have heard of, was about the London bridge terrorist who stabbed two people and injured three others. In this case, members of the public took him down before he could cause more mayhem. One person used a Narwal tusk (a long, pointed whale type tooth), and another was carrying a fire extinguisher as weapons.

Consider improvised weapons when the situation warrants it

I see a lot of comments made about both cases indicating using a gun would have been a lot quicker in taking down these perpetrators. Sure, a firearm would be more efficient if you have one with you and know how to use it properly. However, there many people who don’t own a firearm. Even if you do, there may be circumstances where you may not have your firearm such as gun free zones. Or, you may be traveling in a country that does not allow them.

I am also not suggesting you clobber someone over the head with a frying pan for looking at you weirdly. We’re talking about dire situations where you are faced with an attacker who means to harm or kill someone.

The people in the stories above were in situations where their life and/or others’ lives were being threatened. They used whatever was available to defend themselves.

After you read this article, look around your apartment or office and identify what household or office items you can use to defend yourself if you were being attacked right now.

What do you think? If you’ve had to improvise a weapon, what would you use? Please share in the comments.

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