Sharpen a Knife Using a Common Household Item

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

A friend told me about this knife sharpening method and I got really curious I had to try it myself.

Dull knives are dangerous!  I’ve cut myself a few times by using a dull knife – instead of cutting properly, dull knives will skip or slip and cut you.  That is why I am obsessed with always having sharp knives, and a knowing a few ways to sharpen knives comes in handy.

I have a few other ways I want to try, but today, I will tell you about sharpening a knife using a coffee cup.

You need:


coffee cup

stable surface

Turn the cup upside down on a stable surface.  I used a chopping board.  Using your right (or left if you are left handed) hand, hold the knife at about a 30 degree angle against the unglazed bottom of the cup.  Make sure the blade is facing away from you.  Run the blade across – I did an upside down U from left to right, then from right to left.  This way the blade is always facing away from you.  However, my friend just draws the blade across the bottom of the cup, as though cleaning the blade against it.  Either way seems to work.

After about five to six swipes, the knife should be sharp.

I tested the blade by cutting downward a piece of paper with it and it was very sharp.  It was much easier to slice and debone a chicken with my newly sharpened knife.

(Your results may vary.  Take precautions and go slowly when trying this out.  Make sure there are no kids around who may be tempted to try it.)

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  1. My husband recently showed me that he could sharpen a knife using the topmost frosted edge of a car window. Pretty handy thing to know! I’ve heard about people using coffee mugs but I haven’t actually tried it. Now you’ve done it. I’ve got to try it!

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