Stay Out of Trouble this 4th of July Weekend

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

My previous 4th of July posts were usually about remembering and being grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country. But this 4th of July weekend coming up makes me feel a bit more anxious than in years past.  There are more threats to pay attention to, and many people are worried about how it will turn out.


I think one of the threats you should be aware of is the continuing violence in many major cities. Just to cite a couple of examples:

  • 18 people died, 47 were wounded last weekend in Chicago. The victims included four children, one of whom died.
  • Seven people were shot within three hours in Philadelphia this past weekend. Of the victims, one person died and two were wounded critically.
  • Four cities across the country Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New York and Las Vegas have all reported a spike in crime in the recent weeks, as many inmates were released due to COVID-19 and many courts are not in operation.

Although there was a brief time when crime statistics dipped during isolation, cities are now reporting spikes in burglaries, shootings, murders.

Civil unrest

Protests turning violent, toppling statues continue to occur.

In Provo, UT, a man in an SUV who was slowly driving through protestors was shot. Fortunately, he was able to drive away and take himself to an emergency room. The victim, a 60-year old man, suffered a gunshot wound to his arm and shrapnel in his eye and stomach.  The suspect was later caught and booked.

The Department of Homeland Security will be using law enforcement to protect historic landmarks this weekend.

Blue flu

There is talk in many cities that are planning to defund police departments of “blue flu.” this coming 4th of July weekend.  Members of many police departments feel vilified and many have been calling in sick.

Whether it will happen or not, you should be aware of the possibility there may not be enough police to control crowds and respond to emergency calls.


The number of people infected by COVID-19 has risen drastically in the past few days, with some states rolling back their reopening plans.

A lot of people are not social distancing or no longer self-isolating. Unfortunately, all it takes is the one time you get exposed.


This time of year is wildfire season in many areas.  As of this writing, there are wildfires raging in California, Arizona and Nevada.

What should you do to stay out of trouble?

Avoid crowds

Stay away from areas that attract a lot of people.

Even if you want to attend a parade, consider whether it’s worth it for you or your family to get exposed to the coronavirus.

If you must attend a parade or gathering, avoid taking children or elderly people, as they are more vulnerable, in case violence breaks out.

Plan any activities including grocery shopping away from areas that are attracting protestors.

Plan your own special event at home

Some people are hold socially distanced parties at their home.  You can have guests in a backyard barbecue or patio, wherever you have space to accommodate a few people.

Avoid triggering topics

People get very sensitive and irritable about certain topics. Friends and family members may not agree with your political views. It may be a good idea to avoid discussing topics that get people all riled up, whatever side of the political spectrum you might be on.

Do not shoot firearms into the air

Every year, people get shot by stray bullets from firing guns into the air.

Think twice about fireworks

Fireworks and dry weather are a combination that could spark a wildfire.

Check your car survival kit

If you are planning to be on the road, make sure your vehicle has a car survival kit, as well as a first aid kit.

Discuss safety with your family

Don’t take safety for granted, especially if you have teens or young adults in your family. They are more likely to be out and about, or may have some interest in participating in a peaceful protest. Unfortunately, many protests can start out peaceful, and quickly escalate into violence.  Discuss what to do if they get caught in a riot or civil unrest.

Stay safe everyone!

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