August 14, 2020

Worm Composting in an Apartment

Editor’s note: Before I started my journey of becoming more self-sufficient, I never would have considered trying to compost in an apartment. But since I have tried all sorts of projects I did not think were doable in an apartment such as food dehydrating, soap making and more, I realized the possibilities are endless. Today’s guest post offers some great tips on worm composting. Help the Planet and Your Plants with Worm Composting Written by Brenda Darrah Why Compost? According […]

Reader’s Review: The Mini Farming Guide to Composting

Editor’s Note:  A few weeks ago, reader Dianna Anna won our giveaway of The Mini Farming Guide to Composting.  She decided to write a quick review of the book and I thought I’d share it with everyone.  Thank you Dianna Anna!   The Mini Farming Guide to Composting by Brett L. Markham shows that composting in some form or fashion is entirely feasible no matter if you are just learning or have been doing this all your life. I first learned […]

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