January 24, 2020

The Real Solar Charger Test

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XTG Solar Charger
XTG Solar Charger

After the first failed solar charger test http://wp.me/p1dmhM-oJ I went and bought fresh rechargeable batteries from Lowes.  This solar charger, by XTG Technology, model XTG-SLRBC can charge both AA and AAA batteries, so I got a couple of sets of both types of batteries.  Just for good measure I also picked up a few more regular batteries, to get ready for hurricane season (see previous post “Hurricane Season is Almost Here” http://wp.me/p1dmhM-p8).  Costco had pretty good prices on regular batteries.  Here’s the battery drawer:  Battery drawer

As I had done previously, I loaded the rechargeable batteries into the solar charger.

I then left it on a sunny windowsill.   After about 3 hours, I retrieved the charger and hooked up a drained IPod on to the charger.

Sure enough, the IPod immediately started charging.  This time my solar battery charger test worked well.  I now have a backup way to get some power for small electrical items like my cell phone in case of an extended power outage.  Because the item worked well I went ahead and added it to my Amazon store under Survival Gear.


5 Comments on The Real Solar Charger Test

  1. Just wondering if you have had a chance to test the charger in a low light situation. If bright sunlight is not required, this is one heck of a charger. Great review!

    — Gaye

    • The day I tested it was not completely sunny, it was a “mix of sun and clouds” type of day. I left it on the window sill behind the closed glass window. I’ve been wanting to try charging it on a cloudy/rainy day but we haven’t had much rain in SE TX lately!

  2. I think solar chargers like the one you tested is a great idea. Yes, so we charge an iPod. Many don’t realize the difference in moral music makes, especially if you have kids like I do. I’d like to try charging a GameBoy off my charger, and my Kobo ereader. I have a number of prepping books stored on it. It would be great to know that my portable library can be accessed after my much-loved Mac cannot be used in a power outage.

    Great product test!

  3. I’m wondering if it can charge an iPhone, iPad, or Kindle. I am sure that it will not completely charge the battery, however, some charge may be better than none in an emergency situation… I hesitate purchasing anything like this because I tend to want something more universal for my device(s). Maybe that is wrong, and I should have ‘something,’ but in my opinion, if I make a move to anything solar, a trip to Harbor Freight buy a full size panel, and associated gear for a larger installation off my apartment…

    • You are right, it would not be a complete charge at 100% just a small charge even a 25% would be better than none in an emergency. Considered the full sized solar panels, but they may be too obvious in our balcony, attracting undue attention. Thanks Jack!

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