Worried about Safety While Attending Crowded Events – Part 2

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Last week in Worried about Safety While Attending Crowded Events – Part 1, we discussed staying safe at church services, concerts, amusement parks with James DeMeo, subject matter expert about event security and author of new book called “What’s Your Plan? A Step by Step Guide to Keep your Family Safe During Emergency Situations,”

Today we continue our discussion and cover other safety concerns that a lot of people are thinking about.

Staying safe in a knife attack

Many areas are already “gun free zones.”  How do you stay safe in a knife attack?

We are seeing these types of attacks happening in Europe at this time. Create some distance between yourself and the alleged attacker. Run, Hide, Fight for your life if you have to. It’s best to get away from the threat. You do this by creating distance. Look at the attackers hand and eye moments, look for behavioral clues up front. Keep calm and try not to agitate the person. Treat the person with dignity and respect at all times. You could be dealing with someone with a mental health challenge. Call 911 immediately for assistance.

Vehicle ramming attack

Please provide pointers on how to avoid being a victim of a vehicle ramming attack.

Again, we are seeing this happen in Europe at this time. Not to say it can’t or won’t happen here in the U.S. Law enforcement will set up concrete pillars/barriers adjacent to stadiums, concert venues in a concerted effort to prevent such occurrences. Look around you at all times. Know there exists the possibility of an alleged attacker commandeering a vehicle and driving erratically on a sidewalk in an effort to kill many innocent bystanders. Simply stated, get out of the way. Call 911 for further assistance if necessary.

Follow home robbery

Recently, I’ve seen a number of reports about “follow home” robberies targeting mall shoppers.  How do you avoid becoming a victim of a follow home robbery and what do you do if you found yourself being followed?

When you leave the mall, no need to show the world you just purchased the most expensive item in the mall. Place your new laptop/computer item/smartphone in a generic shopping bag before you exit the mall. Walk directly towards your vehicle, preferably with another family member, friends. Square your shoulders, walk with confidence, and smile. The bad actors will not be paying attention to you if you are looking around and in particular looking at them. Don’t be a victim, be empowered. When you leave in your vehicle make sure no other vehicles are following you as you exit the parking lot. If you see this is a potential scenario, call 911 for further assistance. Remember, have a fully charged cell phone at all times.

For more advice about keeping yourself and your family safe in crisis situations, take a look at “What’s Your Plan? A Step by Step Guide to Keep your Family Safe During Emergency Situations,”


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  1. With a knife attack try to get objects between you and the attacker. If you watch one of the videos of a knife attack in Israel the security man used shopping carts to keep the attackers at bay. Use any object you have or can grab, a walking cane, boxes, briefcase – anything to block the knife and keep the attacker at distance. Remember you will be fighting for your life keep fighting and hitting the attacker as hard as you can. Many places you will not be allowed to have a carry gun. So that it you might want to start using a walking stick one with a good size head on it, a metal head if you can. Walking stick’s were a “Gentle Men’s” weapon for many years and can still be useful against some types of attacks

    1. Hi Oldguy, You gave a lot of great tips that could save a life in a knife attack. It’s such an alarming trend that keeps happening, I may write an article just for that topic. Thanks for the comment.

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