August 28, 2016

Money Mondays: Should You Pack Emergency Gear While on Vacation?

July 11, 2016 aptprepper 8

Many people prepare for emergencies at home, but decide to forgo prepping while on vacation. After all, being on vacation means being carefree, and no one really wants to think about disasters while on vacation. Should you pack emergency gear while on vacation? The inescapable fact is, you shouldn’t leave home without at least a minimum amount of emergency supplies.  Pack items you already own to minimize on cost. Of course, your emergency kit would have to be portable, inconspicuous […]

Why You Should Keep Tarp in Your Survival Kit

June 10, 2016 aptprepper 1

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip to a wilderness area for a picnic. There was no rain in the forecast that day, and there were no clouds in the sky when we set out. After an hour’s drive, we arrived and scoped out a spot by some trees. A couple of hours later, the clouds started coming in. Pretty soon the sky was dark and you could just feel a slight cool down in the temperature, which signifies rain. The wind came in and we knew we were about to have a downpour. […]

Four Axes That Every Prepper Should Own

June 1, 2016 aptprepper 4

This post was originally published in Surviving Prepper Written by Marc When the SHTF and there is no electricity or fuel, hand tools and the knowledge of how to use them, will be incredibly important. When you escape to the woods the almighty axe is the go-to tool. Axes can be used to fell a tree, build a shelter, chop firewood, and even defend yourself if needed. There are many different types of axes. Some have very specific purposes, while […]

Ready Made Resources Store in Eastern Tennessee

March 22, 2016 aptprepper 1

  Just a quick update from our sponsor, Ready Made Resources.  They have opened a walk in store in Eastern Tennessee:  239 Cagle Road, Tellico Plains, TN 37385 Ready Made Resources is a trusted source of survival preparedness gear and supplies. Along with multitudes of satisfied customers, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you are in East Tennessee, pay them a visit at their walk-in store.  Of course you can always visit them online at Tell […]

Survival Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 6, 2016 aptprepper 1

  This post is by Bernie Carr, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Instead of the usual flowers and chocolate, consider giving a useful gift he or she will use for an “everyday” emergency or to survive a disaster or two. Inexpensive to Moderately Priced: Multi-tool Priced around $22 Swiss army knife Priced around $25   Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger Priced around $28 Fold’n Go 2-Burner Stove Priced around $79 Berkey Sport […]

Polar Pure Water Disinfectant Review

June 5, 2015 aptprepper 4

This post is by Bernie Carr, I received a review sample of Polar Pure Water Disinfectant.  It is an iodine water disinfectant that kills viruses, living organisms (including Giardia cysts) and bacteria in the water. Polar Pure has been around for years, and has been well regarded by campers, backpackers and preppers.  Unfortunately, it went off the market around 2010 because meth cookers reportedly used the iodine crystals to manufacture methamphetamine.  This resulted in more stringent laws involving iodine […]

Can You Get Arrested for Carrying a Knife?

April 18, 2015 aptprepper 12

This post is by Bernie Carr, One of the most discussed pieces of gear in prepper sites is the knife.  On any given day, you will find knife reviews, benefits of carrying knifes and knives for everyday carry (EDC).  After moving to Texas several years ago, we noticed a lot of people carry knives on a daily basis and we thought, “What a great idea!”  and started carrying one ourselves.  However this is not the case in many states.  […]

Sharpen a Knife Using a Common Household Item

February 25, 2015 aptprepper 4

This post is by Bernie Carr, A friend told me about this knife sharpening method and I got really curious I had to try it myself. Dull knives are dangerous!  I’ve cut myself a few times by using a dull knife – instead of cutting properly, dull knives will skip or slip and cut you.  That is why I am obsessed with always having sharp knives, and a knowing a few ways to sharpen knives comes in handy. I […]

Bug Out Bag Checklist: What are the Most Important Items?

January 28, 2015 aptprepper 0

Written by The Tenth Man, A B.O.B. List What do they know that we don’t?  For those unaware , it was reported in December of 2014, in both mainstream and alternative news outlets that the US Treasury Department put out for bids to purchase $200,000 in Bug Out Bags for over 3800 federal bank examiners. The story doesn’t stop here.  Recently, the Federal Reserve put out a job request for Emergency Specialists with experience in emergency preparedness, Homeland Security directives […]

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