January 16, 2017

Should You Keep Prepping When Things are Good?

Should You Keep Prepping When Things are Good

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

Now that gasoline prices are a lot lower than they have been in years, many people with whom I’ve been speaking with lately to be really optimistic about their finances.  Sales of trucks and other gas guzzlers have gone up again, as people forget about the pain at the pump.  There is good news about the economy.   Lots of conversations going on about the new car that now seems to be within reach, the “I deserve it” shopping spree and the high priced vacation plans.

Should you keep prepping when things are good?

It may be tempting to ease up on preparedness when things are going smoothly.  I am not trying to be Chicken Little warning that the sky is falling when there is not a cloud in the sky.  I think it’s great to hear good news about the economy and people feeling good about their prospects.

Don’t forget that our system is based on everything running smoothly all the time – and just in time inventory systems means stores only keep enough supplies to last until the next truck delivery.  If anything interrupts the supply chain for any reason, the stores stop selling.  One local disaster such as a snow storm sends unprepared people in a panic buying mode, long lines and empty shelves at the store or even dumpster diving when they find themselves hungry in the aftermath of the storm.

And at the same time that good economic news are being touted, we are still hearing about layoffs going on in the oil industry, steel,  and many retailers are closing.

Now it not the time to get sidetracked.  Even on good news days, you can sit back and soak it all in, but don’t let up on your preparedness efforts.

  • While prices are still manageable, continue to build your food storage, water and essential supplies.
  • While you have a job or other source of income,  continue set aside emergency cash and get out of debt.
  • While times are fairly peaceful, find a way to increase your security.
  • Buy gear and supplies that will help you in the next power outage or disaster such as solar chargers, light sources, backup stoves etc. while you still have funds
  • Get in shape now.
  • Get healthy; take care of medical and dental needs
  • Learn skills every weekend while you have the luxury of time.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy life and take a break every now and then.  Things can change quickly: if and when they do, you will be glad you continued to prepare.

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10 Comments on Should You Keep Prepping When Things are Good?

  1. Economic indicators these days are aligned the same way they were back in 2008……only a whole lot worse. All we have to do now is just wait for the bottom to fall out…

  2. We got out of debt (credit card) right before the crash. I was never so thankful that we had the wisdom to do that. We then proceeded to build up a 6 month, then a 12 month, then a 24 month emergency fund. When the economy tanked we were so used to living a frugal, thrifty lifestyle we barely noticed. We are now 2 years away from completely owning our home.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of living within your means in times of plenty. It prepares you for the times of scarcity. Before we make any big purchase there is a time of cooling off. If we still want to make the purchase we then go through a period of research. Then after usually a month of researching we start saving to pay cash for it. If at the end of the cash saving period we still want to expend the funds, then and only then do we buy it. At no time does the thought “We deserve this” become part of the conversation.

    I believe also that part of being financially prepared is having a working, well stocked pantry. When times get tough having food stored to fall back on is invaluable!

    I want to encourage your readers to take this time of plenty (gas prices low) and take the money saved and pay off your debts, stock up your pantry and fluff up their emergency funds. This is a very temporary situation.

  3. Absolutely! In fact I would argue that when times are good you should ramp them up. Make sure debt is paid off, the pantries are full etc etc. I would also recommend that this would be the time that you learn new skills, grow different veggies, herbs and fruits in your home garden and even take up chicken keeping if you have the space.

  4. Surprising enough, there has been significant change within my reluctant family members regarding the economic landscape. It is beginning to be obvious to them that our economy (eg. goods and services) is in serious shape. They have begun thinking about buying tangible assets and having a bigger larder.
    Unfortunately, the time is running out.

  5. For sure – prepping is something you do when things are good to be ready when things aren’t. It doesn’t have to be a colossal societal issue, but personal as well – illness, loss of income, etc. Just makes sense ….

  6. I work in the oilfields and people by the thousands are losing there jobs. I am retired military so I have income for now. The thing that scares me most. Is my retirement income is all dependent on the government. That is scary. You mention good times. IMHO nothing could be further from the truth. We are getting ready to self destruct.

    • Hi Jager, The only reason I mentioned “good times” is because that is what a lot of people are thinking and acting on. Yet there are signs that all is not well, ie the layoffs in many industries that is currently going on.

  7. You are right aptprepper. When things are going well for a family ( financially I mean ) that’s the time to put forth the effort to garden, can and increase your food and water supplies.

    I often try to remind myself of the old biblical story about how Joseph advised Pharoh to build lots of new grain silos while the times were good and when the 7 year drought struck the Egyptians didn’t starve. They may have gone without some meals but they came through.

    It’s just common sense to be as prepared as you can.


    Snake Plisken

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