August 3, 2017

Money Mondays: Take Advantage of National Preparedness Month Sales

This post is by Bernie Carr,

Just a quick post on this Labor Day holiday.  I hope everyone is taking a day off to unwind, spend time on fun things like hobbies or any end of summer festivities.

September is  National Preparedness Month

A lot of people take a break from preparing for emergencies during the summer.  That’s not a bad thing at all.  Sometimes, it’s a good idea to take some time to relax and not feel burnt out. 

But with all the earthquakes, hurricanes and other emergencies going on, even governments are urging people to prepare.  Our own president has affirmed it is our duty to prepare, as natural disasters and other dangers can arise unexpectedly.

I think now is good time to top off your emergency supplies and avail yourself of all the sales going on.


The Berkey Guy is having a 12% off all Berkey Water Purification Systems.  Click here and enter the following Coupon Code* upon Check-Out on our Site….or use it when you call in your order: 



Ready Made Resources is also having a sale- 25-40% off Mountain House cans

If you have never had Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, start small and order a few individual cans before making a huge purchase.  I highly recommend the Noodles and Chicken and Cinnamon Apple Slices.

Of course, you can always head to the grocery store.  Back to school sales are still going on and a lot of portable foods for school lunches that can easily fit in an emergency kit are being sold at a reduced rate.


If you don’t need food or water, you might want to consider sanitation supplies.  Emergency Essentials has the Toteable Toilet with Enzyme Packets at 46% off among others things.

Camping Gear

Since summer is almost ending, sports and outdoors stores are discounting a lot of camping equipment.  Backpacks, tents and coolers are all going for a good rate.  You can also hit the garage sales still going on every weekend in most neighborhoods and hunt for flashlights, battery operated radios, propane stoves etc.


If you feel you don’t have the budget to buy anything, try honing your survival or homesteading skills.  Local high schools have been sending their adult education class curriculum and there are some excellent classes on CPR/first aid, canning, cooking, sewing, quilting etc.  You can even pick up a few handy money saving hacks by watching YouTube videos.

So there you have it, lots of ways to improve your emergency preparedness regardless of finances.


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