May 18, 2020

How to Explain Emergency Preparedness to Kids

This post is by Bernie Carr, Being prepared for emergencies involves the whole family, whether you are buying supplies and gear, or developing new skills.  Young children quickly notice a change in routine or behavior.  They will become curious about what’s going on.  Kids get anxious whenever anything interrupts the familiar schedule.  If there is an impending emergency such as an ice storm or hurricane, they may become fearful. Here are a few tips on explaining preparedness to kids: […]

Five Survival Lessons Learned from Star Trek Beyond

This post is by Bernie Carr, I am a huge Star Trek fan and did not miss my chance to see Star Trek Beyond on its opening weekend. We already know that a lot of new developments we use now were inspired by Star Trek, but watching the movie got me thinking about survival.   After all, getting through seemingly impossible situations happens a lot in both the TV series and the movies, so there had to be some tips […]

Situational Awareness Exercises

Written by Cory Hinton This article first appeared in Survive The Wild Something Doesn’t Feel Right We’ve all had that nagging feeling that something just doesn’t “feel right” in situations, and wanted to get out of them as fast as possible. And what’s more is that there have been people who reportedly admitted that they had this “feeling” that they ignored right before something bad happened to them or someone close to them. How would you like to train that […]

How to Trust Your Gut Feeling

This post is by Bernie Carr, Not too long ago, I posted an ad to sell a game console on Craigslist.   A buyer contacted me soon after.  He sounded friendly and knowledgeable; we agreed on a price.  Knowing you should not trust anyone to give your home address, I set up the meeting a meeting at a McDonald’s.   The guy showed up a few minutes late and was very apologetic.  We discussed the item and payment expected.  He seemed […]

Tightening the Belt Mentally and Physically Ahead of any Possible Disaster

This article first appeared in Preparing with Dave Article by Dave at Our Personal Actions: Here at the Preparing With Dave homestead, we keep tightening our belts around here figuratively in preparation, ahead of any possible disaster that closes the stores and strains emergency services. Nothing severe in starving, but merely changing the sources of food we eat and the need for many conveniences, both in supplies and stimulation of the mind. This action is to lesson the amount […]

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