July 27, 2018

Got 10 Minutes to Spare? Try a DIY Survival Project!

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I always recommend taking small steps toward preparedness to avoid getting overwhelmed.  That’s why I like fast doable projects that you can finish during your spare time. Damian Brindle, editor of reThinkSurvival.com, a long-standing survival blog has released his latest survival book, 47 Easy DIY Survival Projects:  How to Quickly Get Your Family Prepared for Emergencies in Only Ten Minutes a Day.  From what I have seen, these projects can be completed with materials […]

Hurricane Season Begins This Week. Start your Survival Kit Now!

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Enduring last years’ hurricane is still fresh in my mind but a new season is already upon us.  Hurricane season starts this Friday (June 1 – November 30).  As I write this, the first named storm of the 2018 season has already formed.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting there is a possibility it will be an active season.   Last year was certainly an active one.  We still have people who lost everything during Hurricane […]

Remember our Heroes

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com   Today, Memorial Day 2018, I’d like to take a moment to pause and honor our heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.  We are forever grateful.        

5 Natural Insect Repellents

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Living in a warm, humid environment, we are always dealing with a lot of insects.   We can have our apartment treated for pest control, but we all know insecticides can be harmful in the long term.  So we keep chemical insecticide use to a minimum.   When we do use them, we use a non-toxic spray. You can also make insect deterrents from readily available items. Here are my 5 favorite natural insect repellents: […]

How to Repackage Salt for Long Term Storage

Because salt is one of those essential ingredients with multiple uses, I make sure I a good amount stored away.  I recently opened some of my stores that were packaged back in 2010 and the salt was as fresh as the day I bought it.  Now I need to replenish my stored supply so I bought a huge bag of salt at Costco. It will keep well in the pantry for a while, but, over time, the salt will clump up […]

Fire Extinguishers for Apartments

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Fire is one of the biggest threats to renters.   A small fire can turn into a large blaze in less than 30 seconds, according to Ready.gov.   A big thank you to one of our readers who suggested we discuss fire extinguishers for apartments. Where should you keep your fire extinguisher? You need a fire extinguisher anywhere there is a risk of fire:  near a furnace, a garage if flammable substances are stored, and the […]

How to Make Dried Fruit without a Food Dehydrator

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I’ve been wanting to try dehydrating fruit but I do not have room for a food dehydrator.  There is just not enough space in my small apartment for another gadget.  But I there is a way to dehydrate fruit without a food dehydrator – just use your oven! I had a couple of apples that were a bit past their prime but still in good shape.  They were perfect for my apple chips […]

Money Mondays: Advice on How To Prep On A Limited Budget

A lot of readers are concerned about preparing on a tight budget.  Here is some budget prepping advice from a fellow blogger. Advice on How To Prep On A Limited Budget Written by Tony Out of all the challenges preppers face, one of the most difficult and most common is the challenge of getting yourself ready for disaster on a limited budget.  The problem certainly doesn’t become any easier when we watch shows like Doomsday Prepper. I remember one night, early […]

Start An Indoor Garden in Your Apartment

Written by Craig Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the beauty of nature into your small home. There are design opportunities for even the tiniest of dwellings. Indoor gardens are gaining more popularity as people look for ways to improve their homes with live plants, whether they are edible or for decoration. By making a design plan for your space, you can grow a luxurious garden that will make you happy to come home. Plan […]

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