September 5, 2019

Learning to Make Soap at Home

This post is by Bernie Carr, Last week I told you about my food dehydrator adventure. This week I got to experiment with making soap at home.  My son gave me a soap-making kit for Mother’s Day.  Yes, my kids know what I like 🙂 The kit we tested was Chelsea’s Sage Basil and Mint Soap-making Kit. What the kit includes It has everything you need to get started with “melt and pour” soap-making: 2 1 lb. bars shea […]

A Look at Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

Written by Scott Huntington Protecting yourself is a priority. However, it can be frightening to think of the impact you could have on someone’s life if you use a lethal self-defense weapon like a gun against them. For those who prefer to seek a less lethal solution, technology has brought some great alternatives to the market. This article takes a quick look at some ways to make yourself feel safer at home and abroad. Many are quite affordable and don’t […]

I Tried Using a Food Dehydrator for the First Time – Here’s What Happened

This post is by Bernie Carr, My daughter gave me an early Mother’s Day gift – you guessed it – a food dehydrator. Since I had wanted one for a while now I could not wait to try it out and opened it way before Mother’s Day. Why I wanted a food dehydrator Drying food is a great skill to have. Supplement your food storage with dried foods. Take advantage of produce and meat sales. Preserve foods you are […]

Tips for Storing Supplies in an Apartment

Editor’s note:  I invited readers to share their favorite storage tips for emergency supplies in an apartment.  We got some great responses. Use every available space Always be on the lookout for somewhere to put more preps.  All the usual space is taken up, and if you are like me, you can always use more space for those goodies you want to stock for later. Think you are out of space? You have space under the bed, on the floor […]

How to Stay Safe in Church and Other Places of Worship

This post is by Bernie Carr, It is a sad state of affairs that we now have to discuss ideas about staying safe in places of worship. But with the recent shooting at a synagogue in California, the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, the ChristChurch shooting in a mosque in New Zealand and other mass shootings in places of worship, it is  a subject that we need to consider. Churches traditionally have an open door policy, as anyone […]

Using Survival Gear Everyday

Written by James Walton The every day carry (EDC) craze blew in and created a stir in the way many people look at preparedness. Suddenly it was more acceptable to carry a flashlight on your person every day. Maybe even a serious folding knife, too. What about carrying hardcore survival gear every day? Does it really make sense to have this type of gear on your person each day? Is it effective outside of the woods or an emergency? The answer […]

10 Ways to Practice Prepping Skills if you Live in the City

  by Morgan  All too often I hear people tell me that they can’t practice skills because they live in an apartment or in the city. No matter where you live, there are always ways to practice your skills; we just have to get creative. Here are 10 ways that anyone can practice preparedness and survival skills if you live in the city. 1. Go to the park – your local park provides open space and usually BBQ pits. You […]

What would You Do if Ebola Were to Spread in Your City?

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still very much in the news. Most news articles keep stressing that it is unlikely to reach the U.S. and downplay any threats. On the other hand, the CDC has released guidelines for hospitals should an infected person were to present himself. New projections estimate that 500,000 may be infected by the end of January. (Note: Since the article was written, the estimates have now been revised to 1.4 million)
Consider for a moment what could happen when a person who appears to have flu-like symptoms but has Ebola were to go the emergency room. […]

Money Mondays: Save Money on Gardening Supplies

This post is by Bernie Carr, Gardening is a great skill to learn but it can get expensive if you don’t watch your spending. I’ve talked to people who have spent tons of cash to get started that the five tomatoes they harvested may have ended up costing $10 per tomato. This may cause discouragement which is not productive. Let’s look at ways to save money on gardening supplies. Set a budget This is an essential step to avoid […]

What to Do if SHTF in Your City

Editor’s note:  There is no doubt that surviving in an urban area in a major, grid down disaster would present some tough challenges for average people. Today’s guest post about what to do if SHTF in your city illustrates some good points about surviving in any major city if SHTF. Written by Bunker Bob There are many appeals to living in a big city. Cities are centers of commerce, offer the luxury of convenience, and are often the location of […]

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