What are the Best Substitutes for Bacon?

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Written by Bernie Carr

I am sure you have noticed that bacon has gotten more expensive in recent months. It may become even more pricey when new California pig rules take effect in 2022. I thought it would be a good idea to find a few bacon substitutes in case it becomes UN-affordable. I am aware there are lots of vegan choices, but I am only including foods I’ve actually tried myself.

Turkey bacon

Back in the 80s and 90s, there was a product called Sizzlean that was marketed as a bacon substitute, supposedly leaner but just as tasty as bacon. I remember I actually liked it but it is no longer sold today. It was discontinued back in 2005. But the point is, although Sizzlean is no longer sold, turkey bacon is still available. If you can’t find or afford real bacon, turkey bacon is a good substitute.


A lot of people dismiss canned Spam as a breakfast meat but it is very popular in states such as Hawaii. Spam is canned meat made by Hormel, and it is comprised of pork shoulder and ham. 

I featured it as a good survival food in a previous article, but you don’t need an emergency to justify giving Spam a try. Spam now comes in various flavors, including a bacon flavor.


Deli ham is a great substitute for bacon. To make it tastier, I pan fry ham slices in hot oil and sprinkle a bit of sugar so that it caramelizes in the pan. You can use the sugared ham as a side dish or as an addition to omelets or breakfast sandwiches.

Canadian bacon

Canadian bacon is also a good choice when you can’t find real bacon. It is also lower in calories so your waistline with thank you.

Marinated pork belly

Pork belly looks a lot like bacon, and it fries up crispy. If you try marinating it yourself, you could come up with a decent substitute.

You don’t have to give up bacon if it becomes too expensive, try using less. Instead of your usual two slices, cut down to one slice and cut it in half. Or you can chop up bacon, fry it and use the bacon bits to impart the flavor to your omelets, stews and sandwiches.

Do you have any favorite bacon substitutes? Please share in the comments!

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  1. bacon flavored Spam is definitely worth a try. I have about a dozen cans and have eaten it lots of times. Sometimes I prefer it to real bacon ( ducking the things thrown )

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