Money Mondays: Will Your Preps Outlive You?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I was having a conversation with one of my elderly neighbors and the subject of downsizing and giving away their survival supplies came up.  She felt at her age she preferred to give some of her surplus emergency supplies to a younger family.  The conversation reminded me of an article I read a few months ago:  Survivalist spent decades stockpiling food then gave it to hungry hurricane victims 

As you can see from the story, the individual spent many years preparing for disaster, yet never got around to using his stockpile.  You might say it is fortunate SHTF never happened.  In the same vein, we prepare for emergencies or disasters and hope nothing happens.  We continue to hope for the best.  If we never get around to using these supplies, what will happen to them when we are no longer around?

I admit I don’t even feel comfortable with this subject either, but I know it is something I  need to deal with.

Issues to consider

  • Do you have a last will and testament?  If you have a lot of assets, then best consult an attorney, if not, and your estate is simple, websites such as Legalzoom (no affiliation with us) may help you.
  • If you are parents, who would take care of the kids?
  • To whom would you grant power-of-attorney should you become incapacitated?
  • Hidden caches and such:  would your family know where you hid your valuables such as safe deposit boxes and storage units?  I used to watch a show called Storage Wars about unclaimed storage units that were being sold at auctions.  Seeing the auction buyers uncover hidden gems and family heirlooms just made me wonder about the hapless owners who lost these items for whatever reason.
  • Do you have a cache?  Have a conversation with your partner about items you have stashed away:  where and what you are hiding, so someone else knows where to find things should something happen to you.  If you were incapacitated or unconscious in the hospital, will your loved ones know where to look for emergency cash or even health insurance forms so they can pay the hospital bill?
  • Not all families are “on-board” with prepping.  You will need to consider who will appreciate and benefit from your efforts the most, instead of just dumping everything in the trash or selling them off for pennies at a garage sale.

No one really likes to think about this, but the loss of life is certainly a disaster situation for the family.  It is something that many of us avoid thinking about, yet is necessary to consider as part of a well-rounded plan.

About the author:

Bernie Carr is the founder of Apartment Prepper. She has written several books including the best-selling Prepper’s Pocket Guide, Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure, The Penny-Pinching Prepper and How to Prepare for Most Emergencies on a $50 a Month Budget. Her work appears in sites such as the Allstate Blog and, as well as print magazines such as Backwoods Survival Guide and Prepper Survival Guide. She has been featured in national publications such as Fox Business and Popular Mechanics. Learn more about Bernie here.



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  1. That is great that your son has an interest in being prepared; this is is something he will remember into adulthood.

  2. I am facing this issue and have been slowly bring one of my step daughters up to date just what is in the house that she did not know about. She does not have a full list I have that stored in a safe that she has the combination to.

    1. Hi oldguy, Good to have someone who knows the combination to the safe containing your valuables. She will come to appreciate what you have stored away since you are slowly informing her what is the house. A lot of people are a similar situation. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I found it to be a good idea to have a list of where I have things cached. Remember that there are a number of very good places to cache things that are easily over looked. I do not list what is in each cache just where to look for it. I also have duplicate keys in the safe too for any locked box and security cabinet and firearms locks. I do like your web site it has a lot of good ideas and information. If your safe has an electronic lock on it give the person you want to have the combination a number of phone numbers to save. One of the phone numbers will work to open the safe. This way they can save the combination on their cell phone with out attracting attention to it. And just as a side note getting old sucks!

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