20 Popular Prepper Articles of 2015

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

I was reviewing my blog statistics for the previous year to see how the blog performed:  traffic, demographics, past articles etc.  I’d like to give you more of what you want to read, so I gathered the most viewed articles of 2015.  Some articles were not necessarily written in 2015, but they continue to be the among the most popular posts.

Here are the top 20 prepper articles (not necessarily in order) of 2015:

Bug Out Bag Checklist: What are the Most Important Items?

Build your Grab and Go Binder

Substitutes for Toilet Paper

25 Must Have Survival Foods: Put Them In Your Pantry Now

Making your Apartment Doors and Windows More Secure

The Most Likely Threat No One Talks About

Staying Warm in a Drafty Apartment More

Survival Advice that Won’t Work for a City Dweller

How to Keep Your Apartment Warm

Prepping Items at the Dollar Store

This is What Happens During a Food Crisis

Can You Get Arrested for Carrying a Knife?

Avoid these Prepping Mistakes

Sharpen a Knife Using a Common Household Item

5 Uses for Old Coffee Grounds that Really Work

Can You Live without a Refrigerator?

Emergency Uses for Old Socks

Build your Cash Emergency Fund

10 Tips for Renting a Storage Facility for Emergency Supplies

Should You Pay Off Debt or Buy Preps?

I am making plans for 2016 and I will be sharing them with you soon.  In the meantime, please share in the comments what topics would you be most interested in reading about.

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